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Posted by Beth Lynah-Vickers on November 12, 2018 in No Category
The Need for Speed: Five Tips for Selling a Home Fast 1. Give Your Online Listing a Makeover: Buyers do much of their searching online, so experts suggest your home has an online listing that includes the latest information and attractive photos that will highlight architectural features such as a fireplace, dining room, bay window, or a sweeping staircase. 2. Be Flexible with Showings: You’ll want to make your home is available to potential buyers for last-minute and short-notice showings, and be sure to ke... read more
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Posted by Beth Lynah-Vickers on October 21, 2018 in  Mortgages
A big worry for potential home buyers is that you’ll have to make a 20% down payment, but this is a common misconception, and you do have some options: 1. Seller Concessions: A seller may be willing to help the buyer with closing costs, and less closing costs equals more money that the buyer can use to for their deposit. Talk to your real estate agent. He or she may be able to negotiate concessions on the closing costs, ranging anywhere from 2% to as much as 9% of the overall sales price, depending on th... read more
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A recent study found that real estate agents who hold 27 home listings or more will usually sell them for nearly 6% less than agents holding only a few listings, suggesting that those agents who take on an inventory above optimal levels will provide a lower quality of customer service while neglecting their clients to a certain degree. The study, published in the Journal of Advances in Economics and Finance, has fueled speculation about the real estate market, as some agents with a high-inventory of listed properti... read more
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How to remove pet odors from your home.
Posted by Beth Lynah-Vickers on October 31, 2017 in  Home Care
     A less-than-fresh dog aroma can be trouble for those trying to sell their home. One cleaning expert recommends this routine to get rid of dog smells.     1. Vacuum dog beds once a week     2. Wash dog beds every other week     3. Vacuum floors twice a week depending on the type of dog and its shedding pattern     4. Wash hard floors like tile and vinyl with a strong cleaning solution and very hot water     5. Use a cover ... read more
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